Ege bam yasi - eightball remixatosis - Ege Bam Yasi - Eightball

With the commercial success of their hit single "Spoon" (which reached #6 on the German charts [5] and sold 300,000 copies), Can was able to hire a large ex-cinema in Weilerswist near Cologne , which they used as a part-working, part-living space, and which they named "Inner Space". However, things nearly didn't work out as guitarist Michael Karoli recalled that the sessions were "frustrated by keyboardist Irmin Schmidt and vocalist Damo Suzuki's playing chess obsessively day in, day out" [4] and that "completing recording became a frantic process, with some tracks having to be recorded practically in real time and the single 'Spoon' added to make up for a shortfall in material." [4]