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His major teachers include Herman Reinshagen and Stuart Sankey , with whom he studied at the Aspen Music Festival and the Juilliard School . Karr's breakthrough came in 1962, when he was featured as a soloist in a nationally televised New York Philharmonic Young People's Concert , conducted by Leonard Bernstein . On that famous telecast, Karr performed " The Swan " from The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns . Karr also recorded the piece with Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic.

Mercedes Artigas (Daniela Romo), an elegant and mysterious woman, offers Marina economic and financial management of the company Neptune, opportunity has now accepted that job and that her mother needs to live in a quiet place. Thus, Marina reaches the town of Our Lady of the Sea, where she meets Damian. Mercedes actually is the biological mother of Marina. In her youth she became pregnant and was at the mercy of Ernesto Contreras, who snatched her other twin daughter, Magdalena (Ximena Navarrete). Mercedes forged a fortune, with which also gained the respect of those around her and the power to face their enemies. Mercedes has dedicated her life to retrieve his daughters, for this has been that people involved with the underworld of white slavery, becoming "Queen of the Night", whose personality has allowed her to save many young victims. In their first meeting in the company "El Neptuno" Marine shows to Damian a haughty attitude, treating him as an employee more, for its part, Damian ignored and is filed Marina showing his authority with his crew of witnesses. Marina, furious to be humiliated, decides to break the contract with him. Olinto (Luis Manuel Ávila), administrator explains that the contract with Captain Fabré not be broken.

Unknown Artist - Libre Ambiance Volume 2Unknown Artist - Libre Ambiance Volume 2Unknown Artist - Libre Ambiance Volume 2Unknown Artist - Libre Ambiance Volume 2