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The Indian Buddhist philosopher Vasubandhu ( fl. 4th to 5th century CE) defined nirmita as a siddhi or psychic power (Pali: iddhi , Skt: ṛddhi ) developed through Buddhist discipline, concentrated discipline ( samadhi ) and wisdom in his seminal work on Buddhist philosophy, the Abhidharmakośa . Asanga 's Bodhisattvabhūmi defines nirmāṇa as a magical illusion and "basically, something without a material basis". [4] : 130 The Madhyamaka school of philosophy sees all reality as empty of essence; all reality is seen as a form of nirmita or magical illusion. [4] : 158

2 Senses - Right Moment2 Senses - Right Moment2 Senses - Right Moment2 Senses - Right Moment